Welcome Outreachy interns

Welcome Outreachy interns

In a previous blog post, we outlined our vision for creating a Confidential Computing Fellowship. Today, we announce the first steps towards this vision, as we welcome three new interns to the Enarx project.

Last month, we received 10 Outreachy applicants. Of these, 9 were able to complete the first task successfully, which consisted of learning about WebAssembly, developing some small demos, and publishing one or more tutorials on GitHub. WebAssembly is key to the Enarx project, as this is how we deploy applications to the Cloud.

Based on the work developed, we were able to select three interns: Ajay, Jennifer, and Shraddha.

Ajay Kumar

Initial contribution: https://github.com/enarx/outreachy/tree/main/ajay

Ajay is from India and put a lot of dedication towards creating the tutorials. He's also very talented artistically, and has created several illustrations for these tutorials. This dedication and artistic skills will be very useful for the Enarx project, as we want to make our documentation more visually appealing.

Jennifer Chukwu

Initial contribution: https://github.com/enarx/outreachy/tree/main/Jennifer

Jennifer is from Nigeria and she's very much interested in compilers. Previously, she contributed to the LLVM community and Clang. She likes low level programming (C++), and will be helpful in developing Enarx's internals. She's interested in learning Rust as well.

Shraddha Inamdar

Initial contribution: https://github.com/enarx/outreachy/tree/main/shravi24

Shraddha is from India and is very much interested in pursuing a career around Cybersecurity. She has already started this path as a Penetration Testing intern. She's involved with the Kubernetes community, and has worked with open source tools like kube-bench and kube-hunter. Other tools and distros she has worked with include: Cuckoo Sandbox, YARA, Rita Zeek, BloodHound, Wireshark, Open SSL, Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Wfuzz, SQLMap, Gobuster, Ffuf, AFL etc.

We want to thank the Software Freedom Conservancy for running the Outreachy Program, and the Confidential Computing Consortium for providing sponsorship to all the open source projects that are part of the consortium. We also want to thank Profian for providing sponsorship for the two additional interns of the Enarx project.

Welcome Ajay, Jennifer, and Shraddha! Thank you for your interest in the Enarx Project and we hope this will be a great learning experience for you!