Enarx 0.7.0: Gutenberg Castle

Enarx 0.7.0: Gutenberg Castle
Gutenberg Castle by Noebu

This release is a developer-only, preview release. It is not production ready. We hope that you will experiment with it to see the progress we are making.

What's Changed



... and multiple build and automation improvements.


  • Rust nightly


For installation instructions, please see our updated Quick Installation guide.

For more detailed instructions, including instructions on how to configure your Trusted Execution Environments or compile from source, please refer to our Install Enarx from Source guide.

Known (Temporary) Issues

  • No filesystem support yet
  • Custom kernel required for AMD SEV-SNP-based machines


A hearty thanks to everyone who has contributed over the last few years. This release would not be successful without you!

@MikeCamel @npmccallum @haraldh @connorkuehl @lkatalin @mbestavros @wgwoods @axelsimon @ueno @ziyi-yan @ambaxter @squidboylan @blazebissar @michiboo @matt-ross16 @jyotsna-penumaka @steveeJ @greyspectrum @rvolosatovs @lilienbm @CyberEpsilon @kubkon @nickvidal @uudiin @zeenix @sagiegurari @platten @greyspectrum @bstrie @jarkkojs @definitelynobody @rjzak @Deepansharora27 @mayankkumar2 @moksh-pathak @puiterwijk @dpal

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.6.4...v0.7.0