Enarx: year in review

Enarx: year in review
Photo by Debby Hudson / Unsplash

It has been an exciting year for the Enarx project. We have successfully developed a number of key components to establish the foundations for a comprehensive Confidential Computing solution. Several members of our community have contributed to our open source codebase and documentation, and we have had the opportunity to present our work at some of the best conferences from around the world. This year, we have:

  • Implemented support for TLS, WASI networking, wasi-crypto, multithreading, lazy memory mapping, VFS, attestation, SGX2, EDMM, and made improvements to SEV-SNP support.
  • Implemented nil backend, which allows development/testing of Enarx in multiple platforms, from MacOS and Windows to Raspberry Pi.
  • Implemented attestation (Steward) and application registry (Drawbridge) integration.
  • Implemented Kubernetes integration.
  • Tested Enarx in various cloud environments: Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, Equinix, PhoenixNAP. Support for Google Cloud and IBM Cloud coming soon.
  • Made upstream contributions to various projects: Rust, Tokio, Wasmtime, Linux Kernel, and others.
  • Published the WebAssembly Guide with a common example across 14 programming languages: Rust, C++, C, Golang, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, .NET, Java, Zig, Ruby, Swift, AssemblyScript, and Grain.
  • Published several demos as part of the Codex and Drawbridge repository: Cryptle (wordle clone), TCP echo server, chat application, ICU Monitor (healthcare example), and Confidential Trading (fintech example), among others.
  • Published over 100 tutorials at Wasm Builders and helped this community to go from zero to over 1500 members during the year.
  • Participated in Outreachy, LFX Mentorship, and Semester of Code programs, mentoring over 30 community members.
  • Launched the Cryptle Hack Challenge and announced a winner who was able to find an exploit. The exploit and solution was presented at the Crypto & Privacy Village at DEFCON.
  • Implemented an initial benchmarking framework using flame graphs to help measure optimizations of Enarx and WebAssembly support of various languages in an automated manner.
  • Launched Try Enarx, a playground to run WebAssembly workloads using Enarx in multiple platforms using Intel SGX and AMD SEV.
  • Developed a VS Code extension that facilitates setup of Enarx and developer tools, Enarx.toml creation/validation, local and remote application deployment, package publication to Drawbridge, and download of examples from Codex.
  • Presented Enarx at the following conferences: FOSDEM, OC3, Open Source 101, FOSSASIA, Wasm Day / KubeCon Europe, RightsCon, Open Source Summit North America, Roadsec LATAM, SGX Community Day, SCaLE, Black Hat, DEFCON, Open Source Summit Europe, Linux Security Summit Europe, and All Things Open.
  • Surpassed 1000 GitHub stars (from around 300 at the beginning of the year).
  • Renewed website content and documentation.
  • Published around 20 blog posts during the year.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Enarx and who has been part of this journey so far. We are only getting started and we have a number of exciting plans for 2023. We look forward to working together with you to develop and promote a Confidential Computing solution that is 100% open source, community-friendly, easy to deploy, polyglot, cloud native, and hardware neutral. Please join our chat to learn more!