Enarx publishes 100 tutorials

Enarx publishes 100 tutorials
Photo by Element5 Digital / Unsplash

The Enarx community has achieved a huge milestone this week: we have collectively published 100 tutorials and articles over at Wasm Builders!

WebAssembly is key to the Enarx project. On the one hand, it allows developers to deploy applications to a TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) without any rewrites from languages like Rust, C, C++, Go, and many more.  On the other hand, it allows developers to deploy the same application code transparently across multiple architectures, from Intel to AMD.

As part of the Confidential Computing Fellowship program, the Enarx project has received several mentees from Outreachy and LFX Mentorship. Wasm Builders has served as a welcoming environment where Enarx community members can share their learning experiences with others in a virtuous cycle. In each cycle, every new community member finds more and better tutorials to help them learn about WebAssembly, and in turn are invited to share what they've learned by creating new tutorials.

Tutorial topics range from WebAssembly support in several languages, to WebAssembly examples using Machine Learning and Zero Knowledge Proof, in addition to an overview of Enarx and Confidential Computing.

Thanks to the content created and the engagement by everyone involved, the Wasm Builders community has grown to almost 1200 members in just a few months. Currently, six startups are sponsoring Wasm Builders: Suborbital, Profian, Fermyon, Lunatic, Microsoft, and Cosmonic.

We want to thank every Enarx community member who has helped us to achieve this special milestone: Kirtee Prajapati, Aliya Rahmani, Deepanshu Arora, Silvana, Ngumih Fien, Jennifer, gunjan agarwal, Aryan Kaushik, Mike Bursell, sahitya, Daliseiy, Richard Zak, Moksh Pathak, Ajay Kumar, Shraddha Vijay Inamdar, Paul Nwoko, Nathaniel McCallum, and Nick Vidal.