Enarx 0.6.0: Fushimi Castle

Enarx 0.6.0: Fushimi Castle
Fushimi Castle - by Maechan0360

This release is a developer-only, preview release. It is not production ready. We hope that you will experiment with it to see the progress we are making.

What's Changed


  • UX: Flesh out fundamental drawbridge CLI by @bstrie in #2020
  • UX: User login CLI by @bstrie in #2002
  • UX: Restructure CLI into new hierarchy by @bstrie in #1976
  • UX: Rename enarx cpu to enarx platform by @bstrie in #2016
  • UX: Add addr to listen in Enarx.toml by @haraldh in #2008


  • SGX: Prevent aesmd error 42 - ATT_KEY_NOT_INITIALIZED by @haraldh in #1968
  • SGX: Revert the use of AVX2 and AVX512 by @jarkkojs in #1974
  • Example TCP Server: Correct target_os by @haraldh in #2023


  • Install: Install documentation update by @platten in #1946
  • Quickstart: Add Quickstart installation guide by @nickvidal in #1949
  • Quickstart: Update links and formatting in Quickstart per additional feedback by @platten in #1956
  • Install & Quickstart: Use --locked with cargo install and homebrew tap by @platten in #1957
  • Enarx.toml: Add Enarx_toml.md by @haraldh in #2011
  • README-DEBUG: Reburnish KVM / SNP in README-DEBUG.md by @jarkkojs in #1932
  • README-DEBUG: Reburnish the SGX GDB documentation by @jarkkojs in #1937


  • Cargo update and wasmtime 0.38 by @haraldh in #2009
  • Bump Rust toolchain by @bstrie in #1969
  • Update serial_test requirement from 0.6 to 0.7 in /crates/sallyport by @dependabot in #1947


  • Refactor: Reduce crate feature surface area by @bstrie in #1943
  • Build: Use new Cargo sparse registry support by @bstrie in #2010
  • Release: Extend release workflow to build Windows MSI installer by @platten in #1928
  • NIX: Update flake lock by @rvolosatovs in #2024
  • CI: Use published coverage tool and update coverage exclusions by @bstrie in #1923
  • CI: Add built assets to release draft by @rvolosatovs in #1972


  • Rust nightly


For installation instructions please see our page on Installing Enarx.

If you are an application developer without a need for running inside of Trusted Execution Environments, or do not have access to a Linux host with SGX2, SEV-SNP or KVM support, please check out our new Quick Start guide

Known (Temporary) Issues

  • Incomplete WASI support
  • Custom kernel required for SGX


A hearty thanks to everyone who has contributed over the last few years. This release would not be successful without you!

@MikeCamel @npmccallum @haraldh @connorkuehl @lkatalin @mbestavros @wgwoods @axelsimon @ueno @ziyi-yan @ambaxter @squidboylan @blazebissar @michiboo @matt-ross16 @jyotsna-penumaka @steveeJ @greyspectrum @rvolosatovs @lilienbm @CyberEpsilon @kubkon @nickvidal @uudiin @zeenix @sagiegurari @platten @greyspectrum @bstrie @jarkkojs @definitelynobody @rjzak @Deepansharora27 @mayankkumar2 @moksh-pathak

Full Changelog: https://github.com/enarx/enarx/compare/v0.5.1...v0.6.0