Balmoral Castle: Enarx 0.2.0

Balmoral Castle: Enarx 0.2.0

This release is a developer-only, preview release. It is not production ready. We hope that you will experiment with it to see the progress we are making.

What's Changed

  • wasmtime 0.34.0 with networking enabled
  • WASI networking with pre-opened sockets
    • See examples/tcp_server/ for a full fledged mio example TCP server
  • GDB debugging
  • SEV-SNP attestation
  • Improvements in enarx info displaying additional information and JSON output support
  • enarx sev vcek - Download VCEK certificates for SEV platform and print to stdout in PEM format
  • Revamped pure WASI integration tests added


  1. A supported hardware platform
  2. Rust nightly

For build instructions, see our build documentation.

Known (Temporary) Issues

  • Logging is forcibly enabled and outputs to standard error
  • Incomplete WASI support
  • All IO is unencrypted
  • No validation of attestation
  • No attestation support for SGX


A hearty thanks to everyone who has contributed over the last few years. This release would not be successful without you!

@MikeCamel @npmccallum @haraldh @connorkuehl @lkatalin @mbestavros @wgwoods @axelsimon @ueno @ziyi-yan @ambaxter @squidboylan @blazebissar @michiboo @matt-ross16 @jyotsna-penumaka @steveeJ @greyspectrum @rvolosatovs @lilienbm @CyberEpsilon @kubkon @nickvidal @uudiin @zeenix @sagiegurari

A special thanks to our new contributors:
@greyspectrum @bstrie @jarkkojs @definitelynobody @Deepansharora27 @mayankkumar2 @moksh-pathak @platten

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