Alamo: First Release

Alamo: First Release
Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas

It has been 3 years since Mike Bursell and Nathaniel McCallum came together with an idea to build an architecture-neutral framework to run applications within Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs).

After going through a set of proofs of concept and underlying engineering stages, the Enarx project came to life. Important milestones include the support for multiple architectures, the development of an attestation framework, and the implementation of WebAssembly as a runtime environment.

This week, the Enarx project has finally reached a huge milestone: its first release, version 0.1.0, called Alamo – a reference to the Alamo fortress in Santo Antonio, Texas, and a tribute to Enarx's initial code base first announced in Texas.

Alamo is a developer-only, preview release. In its current state, Enarx is able to run WASM binaries in a TEE using either the AMD SEV or Intel SGX backends. It's not production ready, but our hope is that this first release will allow developers to experiment with Enarx and see its progress. Going forward, developers can expect monthly releases leading up to Enarx 1.0.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed over the last years. This release would not have been successful without you!

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